Karachi: A robust security regime had been put in place in Karachi on the occasion of Chehlum, as participants paid homage to Hazrat Imam Husain and other martyrs of Karbal.

All routes leading to MA Jinnah Road and Guru Mandir had been cordoned off by placing containers and other blockades to secure the venue, where the main congregation (majlis) was taking place. Walkthrough gates and CCTV cameras had also been installed to ensure fool proof security for the mourners. Bomb Disposal Squad personnel with the help of sniffer dogs cleared the avenues of procession.

Over 12,000 police and Rangers personnel had been deployed on the routes of procession with the additional deployment of security staff equipped with snipers atop buildings. Major markets and shops along the procession route remained shut and below normal traffic were witnessed on major roads.

Earlier, the provincial government had announced a public holiday and banned pillion riding.

The processions were also monitored via two helicopters. The participants of the congregation dispersed peacefully.