It is a fact that a country in the world never develops when it chooses to ignore its sector of agriculture. Because everyone contributes to it. If the sector of agriculture is stable in the country, it means the country is stable. Pakistan as being an agricultural country for the most part, people make their ends meet in working in the fields. 72.4% of people in the country live in towns and they prefer the agriculture jobs. In fact, the previous government made the same mistakes despite the fact that they paid more and more on funds from banking and telecom industries and on defence which is far more than the agricultural sector. When we talk about Turbat, a backward and much ignored region where agriculture is rampant. Farmers are counted amongst poor classes. They are tolerating thousands of trials and tribulations to this end. However, last year’s floods washed away many things in which crops, fields, plains, and biodiversity to boot got washed away. And on the other hand, the government did not assist the victims and to this day they are without their support. In addition, the concerned authorities in Turbat seem so feeble and in spite of a severe collection of their grievances, they are not even making themselves heard. Therefore, farmers have a series of complaints against the concerned people in this regard; of which I put forward some useful suggestions for the government of the day. Provide free education to the former so that, they should know the modern way of agriculture processes. 


Turbat, November 2.