LAHORE - The follow-up session of Behavior Based Level One Safety Training was held at Lesco Regional Training Centre yesterday.

Customer Services Director Mirza Khalid Mehmood and Human Resource Director, Mst Azia Shoaib conducted this session. Deputy Manager RTC Mr.Shoaib, Manager Safety

Ehsan Gilani and Mr.Tufail also attended this session.

Trained employees were invited to share their feelings about such trainings and to offer their ideas for further improvement of the same.

 They discussed the approach of management regarding these trainings.

They said through the trainings they achieved more experience to deal with difficult tasks. They offered different suggestions to improve the field scenario. Customer Services Director ensured to consider the suggestions.

Azia Shoaib told that all employees of the company especially linemen were Lesco’s valued asset. She said Lesco was determined to completely control line accidents. She said that 160 staff members had been trained as safety instructors.