islamabad - National Council for Social Welfare (NCSW) yesterday held a seminar to discuss the existing social issues of transgender community.

The seminar was held under the title of ‘The Social Issues of Khawaja Saras (Eunuchs) in Pakistan & their Possible Solutions’, in which civil society members, students, transgender community and personalities from social background participated.

NCSW is the department working for social welfare of deprived segments of the society under the federal government and proposed its recommendations for the legislation on multiple issues.

On this occasion, chairman NCSW said that unfortunately transgender community is facing the issue of social acceptance from the society; however, the religion and humanity vocally teaches that all humans are equal.

“We should change our social behaviour and try to consider them a part of our society,” said the chairman.

He said the constitution of the country protects basic human rights of all the citizens of Pakistan including transgender community (eunuchs).

“In a not far development after the struggle of transgender community, Supreme Court (SC) issued the orders of providing National Identity Card, right to vote and inherit the property to eunuchs,” he said.

He also stated that regarding protection of transgender community rights is also under process and after it becomes law the issue of education and employment will be also resolved hopefully.

He stressed that the public awareness can play significant role in giving transgender community a just role in the society.

Meanwhile, Almas Boby, representative she-male association said that despite of long struggle for the rights nothing has been changed practically for the community.

She said, “Government only gives promises to the transgender community”.

According to her, the community has been cornered from the society which is not ready to accept them with their natural appearance.    Governments and society is always reluctant to provide platform to this community by which it can become the normal part of the society, she said.

There should be health, education and employment facilities for the transgender, she said.

Almas said that society has separated the community itself and confined the community to begging and dancing.

“But these professions are also not acceptable for the society now, even going for Umrah was also banned for the community in previous days,” she said.