OKARA- A man shot dead his daughter over refusal to go back to her husband’s house here in village Kharak Singh on other day.

According to police, Shabbir Ali, husband of the deceased women, got registered an FIR against Abbas, father of the Tasawar Bibi. The police said that Tasawar Bibi had come back to her parents house in village Kharak Singh after development difference with her in-laws. On Thursday, her husband Shabbir Ali came to his in-laws to reconcile with his wife. She, however, refused to go with him. Despite her insistence, her father and husband kept on to make her reconcile and go back her home but to no avail. Angry over the woman’s stubbornness, Abbas picked up a gun and shot her dead.

The Depalpur Saddr Police registered a case against her father on the report of her husband.