Child labor abuse means work of children under the legal age. We must mention that child labor is not just physical work, but also commercial and sexual exploitation .Child labor as a phenomenon refers to the employment of children in any work that deprives children of their childhood, interferes with their ability of education, and that is socially, mentally, physically, or morally dangerous and harmful. Poverty is stated as one of the main causes of child abuse. In a poor family the income of parents is not usually sufficient so they exploit their children, or the children themselves feel responsibility and believe that by giving help to their parents they will feel safer.

Child labor is an abuse to child but just think for a little that we literally concern for them or not. As we use those products that are made by them where these child labor is employed and we don’t even ban those products to stop the child labor actually we are promoting this. This time period is their learning age there school going age instead of which they are busy in earning for there family members. We are just taking benefit of there compulsions instead of helping then we are just playing with their emotions so that’s why many child labors are physically and mentally retarded.

The international community has devoted appropriate attention to the children’s rights protection and child labor by bringing in more conventions, declarations, recommendations, regulations, etc. There should be strict policies in Pakistan to stop child labor, ban the products in which child labor is used and we should discourage the companies where child labor is employed. In Pakistan Govt. committed to eliminate child labor but we haven’t seen implementation on these commitments . To stop child labor there should be implementation of these rules. Do not employee a child ,sponsor a child and promote awareness in community.


Lahore, November 20.