ISLAMABAD (APP): Ufone has shown good performance last month and grabbed more than 50 per cent of new subscribers in market - the highest share in new subscribers among all cellular operators. Mobile phone companies subscribers grew by 496,107 in October to reach 152.16 million. As per statistics issued by Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA), among new users in market, Ufone added the most number of customers i.e. 274,058 in October. Surprisingly, its new subscribers base comprises of 245,404 data subscribers, showing demand of mobile internet on its network. With this addition, its overall subscriber base surged to 21.1 million. Ufone is the only 3G operator in Pakistan and remaining three operators offer both 3G and 4G services in most parts of the country. It shows that data customers demand speedy and uninterrupted mobile broadband services along with cheaply priced internet packages, regardless of difference between 3G and 4G technologies.

Besides speed and availability of mobile broadband internet, the package of operators matters a lot which should match purchasing power of new customers. The growth of 3G/4G users will give impetus to economic activities. A study by GSMA stated a 10 percent increase in broadband usage will increase GDP growth by 1.38 percent while 10 percent increase in usage from 2G to 3G services will increase GDP by 0.15 percent.