The case of missing persons in the country has been pending for quite some time and human rights activists and civil society activists have been demanding thorough investigations to ensure that no innocent persons become victims of enforced disappearances and those suspected of illegal activities are brought to justice through the proper legal course of action. The case has finally been taken up by the government and there is a dialogue going on between the Prime Minister Imran Khan, Chief of Army Staff (COAS) General Qamar Bajwa and the judiciary. These three forces when combined together can certainly work out a framework which will be able to manage the situation effectively.

The air of tension in the country is increased when people go missing. This impacts the freedom of individuals living in the country and snubs dissenting view points as well. The Constitution of Pakistan guarantees freedom of expression and that is a right which must be protected. The law enforcement authorities should be alerted to respond to claims of missing persons immediately. According to reports, the commission of inquiry formed for investigating enforced disappearances has received over 318 complaints across the country in the last four months. This highlights how deeply the problem affects the people of the country.

A country battling terrorism should ensure the safety of its citizens. No one should live in fear of their lives in their own country. These disappearances impact families and there is no mechanism to provide relief to the victims. The framework being devised by the government now must also include mental health counselling for both the victims and their families. Often at times, these individuals also have children and for a child to witness such an incident this earlier on in their lives can have a long lasting impact. That should not be the social reality of children in the country.

In the case that security agencies suspect someone of illegal activities, the person should still be allowed the due legal course of action because the Constitution guarantees it. The judicial system also needs reforms to be able to deal with such cases without any foreign influence. The recent security lapses particularly the death of the SP Tahir Khan Dawar highlights how the situation is and it is easy to carry out these attacks. The judiciary, the government, and the military combined can eradicate such problems.