In the latest statement, COAS Qamar Javed Bajwa has again reiterated and highlighted the Hybrid warfare (most probably unknown to many), is being imposed on the state.

Hybrid warfare is multilayered efforts, being waged by adversaries designed to destabilize a functioning state and polarizing society. The means of the hybrid warfare can be of any nature: conventional, unconventional, regular, irregular, covert, over adding political, economical, social and cyber warfare. In all seriousness, it is set of an interconnected threats and forceful means designed and implemented by aggressor against adversary as also to avoid direct attribution or retribution.

Population and its ethnicity is the centre of gravity in the Hybrid warfare. The internal strife and popular mass discontent is fully exploited by aggressor as done by India and Afghanistan in the case of Pakistan.

Undoubtedly, diversity is the beauty and strength of Pakistan but at the same time can be exploited and to some extent has been exploited by our anti-nemesis neighbor India and half brother Afghanistan over territorial


LARKANA, November 20.