For decades, people have been finding hundreds of flaws in the education system .No conceptual understanding , No creativity, children’s are stressed and the list goes on, all these are symptoms but what is the root cause to all this? What is the fundamental flaw in the education system? Let’ s play a rapid fire game you have one second to answer every question, First question A for? okay no more questions did you think apple first 98% of people are most likely to think so because that is what we were told in our play group imagine that this was done differently say we had asked you for all the words starting with A say ant, ace, April different answers would have popped out of everyone’s head.

Do you see where the problem is? Before children’s start going to school every child is unique every child thinks different but our education system makes every child think the same this is the fundamental flaw in our education system where did it start During the industrial revolution in the 18th century the education system was designed to make children ready to work in the factories the factories did not require people to think but to work like robots so the education system strip children of their freedom to think and destroy their true potential the same education system continues even today only the industries have changed a study by NASA shows that 98% of children thinks differently before they start going to school as they go through this education system 25 years of age only 2% of them think different and 98% think the same so how does the education system makes every child the same lets go back to the apple example play group lessons told us that A is for apple we ask you for words that start with A our education system gave us the answers we asked you a question answers make you the same questions make you different right from play group the education system keeps you giving answers instead of asking children’s how plant make food?

The science teacher gives you the definition of photosynthesis instead of asking them to describe the sun? the teacher tells the sun is a ball of fine at the center of all the solar system through the years in school the children lose capability to think on their own whether it is the choice of their career or their relationship or any situation of life they become dependent on others for answers they completely lose their true nature and their extra ordinary potential remains unrealized now we face a million problems in the world for which we are only awaiting answers so what is the solution?

We need an education system that recognizes that every child is different and is questioning based so that it brings out the extra ordinary human potential in every child green for the child is a nationwide movement which calls upon every teacher every parent every educator every policy maker everyone who has a role to play in the development of the child to join hands together to reform the education system and bring out the human potential in every child.


Lahore, November 20.