The Spokesman of the Iranian Judiciary Gholam-Hossein Esmaili said Tuesday that 300 people are in custody over their recent suspected involvement in the deadly "riots" in the capital Tehran, Press TV reported.

The detainees who are found to have been among "saboteurs" will face imminent prosecution, Esmaili said.

The rest of the arrested individuals, who are proved to be guiltless, will be released as soon as possible, he added.

On Nov. 15, the Iranian government started rationing subsidized gasoline and increased its prices. Following the hike of prices, protests and violence erupted in a number of Iranian cities.

Amnesty International believes more than two hundred people have been killed in Iran's crackdown on protesters. Last week, it suggested that its death-count is likely underestimating the actual number of those killed by security forces in the Islamic republic. Some news reports have claimed 7000 arrests were made in the government's crackdown, a number drastically higher than the official account.