ISLAMABAD             -             Higher Education Commission (HEC), in collaboration with USEFP, is organising a two-day international conference on Quality Assurance System, Standards and Policies: Issues and Challenges.

The conference will be held on 04 and 05 December.

The conference aims to improve the quality of higher education and advance mutual understanding of international quality assurance standards by bringing together select members of Council for Higher Education and Accreditation (CHEA) USA.

It will provide an opportunity for Pakistani university leaders to learn from experience of the countries and universities and share Pakistani experience with them, especially those countries that are in the process of building their higher education systems.

Moreover, the conference will seek to strengthen the quality culture, provide common ground to face up to the challenge of global competitiveness and support. It also aims to mobilise resources, establish standards, and facilitate mutual learning.

It will seek to develop an improved quality system, including faculty and programme quality and identify mechanisms through which quality assurance system could contribute to sustaining and enhancing performance.

The event will specifically share lessons from experience in other countries; identify options for international cooperation for advancing the shared agenda; review national and regional developments in quality assurance in higher education in Pakistan; highlight initiatives for making teaching and pedagogy more effective; develop a teaching excellence framework; and promote networking between national and international institutions of higher education.

It will also obtain intellectual input for the development of framework for teaching excellence and research excellence in Pakistan, promoting synergies between HEC, QAA, international quality assurance bodies, higher education ministries and organisations.