The Pakistan’s lawfare move against Indian soldier’s inhuman atrocities over innocent Kashmir is valid proof to show in international court of justice. The international law stands applicable in favour of Kashmir over the issue of revoking constitutional article 370 and 35A. The Indian supremcist ruling PJP party is bias and facasist in approach and contain RSS ideology to eradicate other races and nations. The islamophobia concept hovers very deep in the minds of BJP proponents that they feel no mercy over the humans. Whoso he is inappropriate to age or gender but the chavunist hindu kills the opponent at road without any fear of legal punishment.

For several decades, the people of India-held Kashmir have been in a state of rebellion against tyranny and oppression, but the world has failed to ensure protection of their human rights under any law — national or international.

that the people of Kashmir are fighting for their most fundamental human rights: the right to self-determination and freedom from tyranny and oppression? How can the international community ignore the fact that changes in Kashmir’s status introduced by the racist regime in New Delhi are aimed at helping its business elite gobble up Kashmir’s land and forests and thus deprive the Kashmiri people of the ownership of their natural resources?

The international community’s failure to help the people of Kashmir has emboldened the Narendra Modi government to surpass all its predecessors in the use of naked force and various other forms of coercion to suppress their struggle for basic human rights. In addition to killing Kashmiri demonstrators by gunfire and torture in the security forces’ illegal cells, pellet guns have been used to blind children. Now cluster bombs are being used to terrorise the unarmed youth. An indefinite curfew in Srinagar and elsewhere has meant the whole population is starved and denied access to medical aid.

It is high time for muslims in particular to rise the voice and perform action for relief of fellow Muslims as soon as possible because the delay bears more violation and molestation of innocent Kashmiri girls and children. The inhuman attitude of Indian soldier’s are causing mental as well as psychological depression into Kashmir masses. This shall affect to the generations young as well as new to come.

Kashmir is self realization which must be determined as free and independent nation by the world leaders and Indian political think tank. The law of human as well as universal grants recognition to Kashmir as free nation on the map of world. Kashmir has existence geographic and socio-political as other nations of the world.