Nashta is one of the oldest and most beautiful picnic points in the area of Sari Karki, Karki, Tijiban. It was a time which was too much beautiful and green. But unfortunately due lack of rain, it became destroyed. Actually Nashta is the place which is located in Singabad Karki. That is 3 kilometers far from the village of Singabad. Before one year I visited in Nashta that is completely neglected by the people of area because there were farms, date trees and some more but due to lack caring and raining, the all farms were destroyed and there was not no more water for the trees. On the other hand, 2019 is one of the luckiest years, in this year it shapes the beauty of nature and brought some great joyment moments for the people of this area who are living in this surrounding. Since the most beautiful picnic point is going to be natural beauty for the residents of Karki, Singabad, Tijaban and near areas especially Hirronk and Hoshab.

The scenery of this point will encourage everyone to be free from different sorrows and hardships. It is really a God gifted point for the people. There is a waterfall from the mountains that brings the natural beauty of surrounding. The natural beauty of this beautiful environment makes everybody free from toughest chains of hardships and setbacks.

There is another quality of this picnic point is completely covered by beautiful mountains where small children have found different places to play there. Mostly the residents of this area visit there especially shepherds because they have sheeps and goats. According to people before three or four years the farms were destroyed just because of water as well as the people stop visiting there. They could not get enough water for drinking but luckily Allah the Almighty has given his beautiful “Rahmat” and made the complete area beautiful and sunshine.

It is one of the outstanding points for the people of this area where they can spend their important moments and events with their families and beloved. The scenery of this point will encourage everyone to visit over and over. Since it is better to spend a time such God gifted area especially in free time.

The concerned authorities should provide the basic facilities of this points and repair the water thanker for the farms and trees that might help the people to earn their livelihood from this source.