Okara        -            A seminar on “Drugs Hazards and Responsibilities of Students” was held at the University of Okara. Students from Botany, Sociology and Communication Studies departments attended the event. Dr Muhammad Zahid Bilal, Shehzad Farid, Dr Shafiq-ur-Rehman, Dr Naila Mukhtar and Jamil Asim addressed the seminar. Shehzad Farid told the students that they should be aware of their responsibilities regarding the drug-free campus. He further said, “Since trends of different drugs are on the rise, students and teachers should work together to curb this menace.” Dr. Shafiq was of the view that the UO will run a full-fledged campaign to create awareness about the hazards of drugs. Jamil Asim told that by consuming drugs, we are being indifferent to our real role in the society.