At least 35 suspected militants have been killed in cannon fire carried out by security forces in violence-torn Swat, reported a private TV channel on Monday. Security forces targeted militants' hideouts with artillery in Khwazakhela and Waliabad areas Monday night, in which 35 suspected militants were reportedly killed. Security forces also pounded militants' suspected hideaways in Matta, Chaharbagh and Kibil. Essa Khan Khail from Peshawar adds: Security forces targeted the suspected hideouts of militants with gunship helicopters and artillery guns. Two persons identified as Issa Khan son of Buneray and Ahsanulla son of Dilwar were killed in Aligrama area of tehsil Kabal while three others were shot dead in Charbagh area by security force. The law enforcement agencies gunned down a rickshaw driver Shahensha in Fizaghat area of tehsil Khwazakhila. Unknown armed persons killed a man, Fazal Muhammad, in Mingora. Three dead bodies were also recovered in Sangota, Khwazakhila. Moreover, fierce battle between the militants and security forces remained continued in Kabal, Matta, Khwazakhila, Charbagh, Koza Bandi and Nengwalai areas where curfew has been imposed for the last 11 days. It is worth mentioning that the dwellers are migrating to safer places due to non-availability of daily edible items and continued shelling, and so far almost one million people have shifted to adjacent districts.