KARACHI - The 10-day Seventh Kara Film Festival will open tomorrow (February 4) at the Arts Council of Pakistan Karachi in which features films, documentaries and short films would be screened. Director, Kara Film Festival Hassan Zaidi said this while addressing a press conference at Karachi Press Club here on Monday. He said two years of political and social turmoil and ever-increasing security challenges have forced us, despite our best efforts and to our dismay, to twice postpone the 7th Kara film festival. He said in last few months we were hit by rampant inflation in Pakistan and global economic recession, imperilling the financials resources for the festival. He said due to financial crises the festival would open with a opening and closing ceremony, which was the mark of this festival, he added. He said the rising tension with India after the brutal terrorist attack in Mumbai has also negatively impacted the relationships we had so carefully cultivated over the last six years. Hassan Zaidi said this festival is different from past, due to rising tension between Pakistan and India, and no delegates would come from India and other countries. He said some Indian delegates want to come in Pakistan but Pakistan government did not allow visas to them. He said the 7th Kara Film Festival is by far the biggest spectacle of films we have yet assembled and audience will appreciate its diversity. He said our goals are always to somehow compensate for the festival's absence over the last two years. He said there are 230 films in our full program, including over 120 short films, over 60 documentaries and some 50 feature films. He said festival covers some 44 countries, from Australia to Norway, and from South Korea to Colombia. Many of the films are award winning and most have never seen in Pakistan before, he added.