Dear Mr. Obama There are many challenges before you but the biggest one is that of knowing the truth about 9/11. Bush lied to the Americans but we trust that you will tell the truth to the world about 9/11; that it was an 'inside job'. It has already been established by a lot of Western researchers and writers. The most substantial evidence has been collected by famous American writer David Ray Griffin in half a dozen of his books, the latest being 'Debunking 9/11'. Besides him, Canadian writer Barrie Zwicker (The Towers of Deception), Frenchman Thierry Meyssan (9/11; the big lie), and German, Andreas von Buelow (Die CIA und der 11 September) are noted for work in this regard. Please don't let the real culprits misguide you by calling all of these works as 'conspiracy theories'. It would require mountains of courage and character to tell the truth but do that you must if you are worthy of leading the world. In your inaugural address you have promised to bring peace in Afghanistan. The only way to do that is to accept that the present policy is wrong. If you withdraw troops from Iraq and Afghanistan, you can bring peace in the world and also help pull your country out of the financial crisis. -LOVERS OF PEACE & FRIENDS OF MANKIND, Lahore, January 23.