LAHORE - These days the PCB, it seems, has a way of getting itself into trouble - through its own machinations, or to be precise the efforts of its supra managers. Only the other day, it was revealed to the media, of course through deliberate leaks, that the Board's COO had in a tone most unbecoming asked the top corporate managers and the minions to cough back the remuneration paid to them by the ICC compensating them for work during the organisation of Champions Trophy that was later abandoned. The Nation understands from sources in the Gaddafi Stadium that the ICC has put in its place by telling it that it had no loco standi to do so. It has been done in the manner of clarification but the message is unmistakable. The ICC reportedly has explained to the PCB - as if it needs coaching in such matters - that from "an organisation perspective, a fault-less strategy and planning is required and while fresh recruitments are made, home board's experienced staff is also involved". This is not an isolated incident, says the ICC letter, but the same happened in South Africa for the ICC World Twenty20 Cup in South Africa and a similar process would be followed for the ICC World Twenty20 Cup 2009 in England where the ECB staff who have allocated a certain percentage of their time to event operations would be compensated. "The amounts allocated in respect of existing staff costs are agreed by the ICC while the event budget is approved by the ICC Board", says the communication. It further says: "The process involving PCB staff in the ICC Championship Trophy event's operations started in August 2007. It was agreed between the ICC and the PCB that it would be beneficial to the event if members of the existing PCB staff were able to dedicate time to work on the event". According to the details confirmed by the PCB officials on the condition of anonymity, the ICC wrote: "after approval from appropriate authorities, the PCB submitted a budget to ICC that included provisions in respect of the agreed staffing requirements. "These allocations were calculated based on the individual's normal PCB salary and the agreedpercentage of time that each individual would be spending on the Champions Trophy work. "The amounts allocated in respect of existing staff costs were agreed by the ICC and incorporated into the event budget that was approved by the ICC Board", says the ICC communication. It is also learnt that the ICC has said that, "at no stage did ICC make payment directly to the account of any individual and all funds were paid to PCB managed bank accounts". It is rather clear that in an effort to spite others, someone has cut his own nose. What is more, the botched endeavour has made Pakistan cricket the laughing stock at the ICC - and in these days of instant communication, of the whole world indeed.