KARACHI - The City council session held on Monday presented scene of a battleground when City council finally issued the notification to demolish some old Goths of the City. The session was presided over by City Naib Nazim Nasreen Jalil. Opposition leader Jumman Darwan attributed a report published in a local newspaper that old Goths would be demolished by the City government which spread a wave of anger among the inhabitants of old Goths. On the occasion Asif Siddiqui, treasury leader, clarified that opposition members should realise that there is huge difference between the removal of encroachment and demolition of Goths. He said that City government would take action against the encroachments not against Goths. He said Provincial Minister for Local Government Agha Siraj Durrani had himself given indication that the Sindh government would collaborate with the City government in the eradication of encroachment. Treasury member Masood Mehmood mentioned that it had been decided very earlier that those Katchi Abbadees and Goths which were established before 1985 will be registered in Sindh Katchi Abadi Authority and would not be removed. He said that the proceedings would be conducted against the land grabbers and encroachers who grabbed the precious land and named it as Katchi Abadi and Goths. Opposition members stood up on their seats and chanted slogans against the City government. They exchanged hot words with the treasury members and the City council proceeding was completely halted due to the uproar and pandemonium made by the opposition members. The situation compelled the convenor Nasreen Jalil to postpone the session for a short while. When session restarted, the treasury members tabled the resolution in which proposals presented in the dossier of district administrative officer (Master Plan) were regarding extending the date for fee submission, pertaining to change of property were approved. The second resolution was presented about the plots 59 and 61 in old Clifton measuring 666.66 square yards should be given to a welfare organisation, Khidmat-e-Khalq Foundation, on 99 years of lease for the establishment of ambulance service centre. The opposition members again stood up and made hue and cry and torn the copies of resolution and chanted slogans. Opposition member Shamim Mumtaz Wasi said that there were already other welfare organisations present such as Al-Khidmat and Benazir Bhutto Foundation. She said that plots should also be given to other welfare organisations. The opposition members later walkout from the session in protest. In their absence the resolution was approved on the basis of the majority of the members. Treasury leader Asif Siddiqui said that plots had been allotted to the welfare organisations in past for their progress in welfare work. Later, Nasreen Jalil adjourned the session till February 16.