Anyone who has to travel home to Rawalpindi from Islamabad everyday would know the stress one is subjected to. The newly made Islamabad Expressway might look very nice with shiny, new lanes but it is truly a headache having to hit the brakes every five minutes just to avoid hitting all manner of pedestrians crossing the road. As if that weren't enough, one is subjected to a 45-minute crawl of traffic just to cross the Karal Chowk. This results in driver stressing up, a waste of fuel and an obvious waste of time. Every time I am told this road is actually called an 'expressway', I wonder where is the 'express' factor in it. It is the duty of the concerned authorities, namely the ITP and the CDA to manage the new expressway in such a way so that there is both a smooth flow of traffic as well as provision of safe crossing for the pedestrians. -FAEZ ROGER, Islamabad, via e-mail, January 22.