LAHORE - Former Test player Sarfraz Nawaz and senator Enver Baig believe India had a role in the ICC's decision of taking away the Champions Trophy's hosting rights from Pakistan as it wants to "isolate" the troubled nation in international cricket. Senator Enver Baig was quoted by a website that he was disappointed that Pakistan had been deprived of a major cricket tournament. "I don't know what happened at the ICC meeting. But definitely we need to find out from the Pakistan Board officials if they were well prepared for this crucial meeting," Baig, a member of the ruling Pakistan Peoples Party, said. Baig, who is also a vocal member of the Senate standing committee on sports, felt India might have played its role in influencing the ICC and other members to relocate the tournament from Pakistan. "I think the Indian Cricket Board is following the policy of its government to isolate Pakistan internationally in politics and sports. Not touring Pakistan this year was part of that policy," Baig said. Baig said the Senate committee, at its February 9, hearing would ask the Board Chairman to explain the steps taken by PCB to prevent the tournament from being relocated. Former Test pacer Sarfraz said on a television channel that the role of India in trying to isolate Pakistan in international cricket had become apparent. "India has something to do with this decision because the tournament is yet a long way off. What was the haste to announce the relocation when the ICC itself says it will decide on a new host in April," he said.