ISLAMABAD (APP) - A part of Iranian cultural week celebrating the 30th anniversary of Islamic Revolution of Iran, the three-day Iranian film show is attracting a large number visitors at National Art Gallery (NAG). Depicting the Iranian culture and traditions, the movie titled "God is close" was screened here Monday at nag's auditorium while "the third day" would be showcased on February 3. The film show included the movies like Jesus" and "the eternal kids" that presented the foreword of Iranian dialectics, way of living of its people and other traditions. Organised by cultural consulate of Iran, the festival included an Iranian art exhibition carrying glimpses of inlaid wood, engraving, Iranian miniatures, caricature, contemporary paintings and impressionism works, introduction of tourist and pilgrimage attractions, local dresses and traditional sewing. While a large collections of photographs are the major part of the festival based on the images of the effects of post revolution Iranian photographers and their confrontations process up to the ultimate success of the revolution and eight years of the sacred defense, photos of reconstruction period and industrial, scientific and technological developments.