LAHORE - Despite beginning of reconciliation process between PPP and PML-N following a recent breakthrough over power-sharing formula, the Punjab Assembly on Monday saw a glimpse of future political alliance when PPP and PML-Q joined hands against the Treasury by staging a joint walk out from the House over the issue of police excesses against a PPP legislator from Faisalabad, and police crackdown on students of Zamindara college in Gujrat. As this happened for the first time since inception of the present assembly that the two erstwhile rivals put up a united front against the PML-N. Political analysts have termed it a significant development in the context of fast changing political scenario in the backdrop of PML-N's expected participation in lawyer's long march and its chief Nawaz Sharif's possible disqualification from contesting election by the apex court. Immediately after the start of Monday's Assembly session, PPP's MPA Dr Assad Moazzam stood on a point of order with a view to diverting govt's attention towards police excesses against his family members during a mob protest in Faisalabad last month. He alleged that an SHO, his brother and their brother-in-law along with others entered his house and misbehaved with his family members besides damaging the valuables. Lamenting that he did not get justice despite lapse of over a month since the incident took place, Moazzam asked the Speaker to constitute a parliamentary committee to probe the matter and report to the Assembly within 48 hours. The Speaker interrupted Moazzam in the middle and asked him to narrate the whole incident by bringing a privilege motion in the House on some other day. While this issue was yet to be settled, Opposition Leader in Punjab Assembly, Ch Zaheeruddin Ahmad sought permission from the chair to agitate the issue of police crackdown on students in Zamindara College Gujrat. Rana Iqbal did not allow him to speak. In the meanwhile, all members belonging to PPP and PML-Q stood up and started raising hue and cry against the Speaker's attitude. Rana failed to maintain order in the House as every body was seen speaking at will without his permission. The House virtually tuned into a fish market, as nothing was audible in the hullabaloo raised by the members. Finally, all legislators belonging to the PPP and PML-Q staged a joint walkout from the House in protest against Speaker's attitude, thus making it the first ever event bringing two old political rivals closer together. Law Minister Rana Sanaulla, who was supposed to respond and defend the govt over the issue, was not present in the House at that time. Head of PPP's parliamentary party, Raja Riaz, who could have prevented the situation from getting bad to worse also choose to remain away from the assembly proceedings during that particular time. Meanwhile, a PML-Q MPA Najaf Sial pointed out quorum and the Speaker ordered ringing of bells. During this interval, veteran parliamentarian and senior advisor to Punjab Govt, Sardar Zulfiqar Ali Khosa intervened and convinced his party men about formation of a parliamentary committee to settle the issue as desired by PPP legislator. He also consulted PPP members in this regard and came up with an agreed solution to the issue in question. Later, when the sitting resumed after completion of quorum, Speaker read out names of members to be taken in that committee. They included: Law Minister Rana Sanaulla (chairman), Minister for Labour Ashraf Sohna, Food Minister Nadeem Kamran, MPA Muhammad Hussain Dogar and Dr. Asad Ashraf. He asked these members to submit report by Monday next as proposed by Senior Minister Raja Riaz as against the desire of the aggrieved PPP member who wanted the needful done within 48 hours. It took assembly members over an hour to convince the Treasury to take at least an initial step towards resolving an issue involving police brutality against family members of one of the legislators. In this context, the plight of people to whom the assembly members represent could be well judged by Monday's episode in Punjab Assembly. Meanwhile, it transpired during later part of assembly proceeding that it was not pre-decided that Dr. Assad Moazzam of PPP will agitate the issue in Punjab Assembly in that way. Unlike its past tradition, the PPP's parliamentary party did not meet on Monday before start of assembly session to chalk out party strategy regarding assembly business. It seemed that Dr. Assad caused much embarrassment to PPP ministers sitting on Treasury benches by raising the issue all of a sudden. When Assad was demanding parliamentary committee report to be submitted in the House within 48 hours, Senior Punjab Minister Raja Riaz wanted the time frame to be extended by one week to give sufficient time to the parliamentarians to look into the matter. Similarly, when PPP members were leaving their seats to stage a walk out in protest, Finance Minister Tanvir Ashraf Kaira tried to stop them from doing so, thereby showing that it was not pre-planned.