KARACHI - Jamaat-e-Islami Pakistan (JI) chief, Qazi Hussain Ahmed, has demanded the government to break off its alliance with the United States in war on terror and halt the ongoing military operation and drone attacks in FATA and other parts of the NWFP. Addressing a press conference at Idara-e-Noor-e-Haq in connection with the "Solidarity with Kashmiris", on Monday, he said that seminars, rallies and conferences would be organised to express solidarity with the people of Indian-held Kashmir. He added that on 5th February, the entire nation would express solidarity with the people of occupied Kashmir through participating in rallies. "Alliance with the US is harmful for Pakistan's security, stability and economic prosperity", he said, and demanded that supplies to the forces NATO from Pakistan should be stopped forthwith because these items are being used against Pakistani people. Referring to the destruction of girl schools in Swat, he alleged that intelligence and security agencies were involved in schools destruction in Swat and they did it during curfew. He rejected the notion that Taliban were destroying these schools saying that it was part of the government's propaganda. Qazi said the Kashmiris have the right to resort to wage armed struggle against the illegal occupation of their motherland by the Indian forces as the charter of United Nations allows them to achieve freedom. "It is obligatory on Pakistani government to help Kashmiris and their struggle for freedom is a legitimate resistance in accordance with the international law," he said. He maintained that Pakistani nation and the government are also a party to the Kashmir dispute because it was part of Partition agenda. He said that agenda of the Partition would remain incomplete until right of self-determination is not given to the Kashmiris. Qazi Hussain Ahmed said that India's position on Kashmir is illegal, immoral and illegitimate. He recalled that Indian government call occupied Kashmir as its integral part and blames that Pakistan has occupied the AJK. "Kashmir is a disputed territory. First, Indian government must acknowledge this factual position as without it, no meaningful dialogue can be held", he said. The JI chief recalled that it was the United States and British governments who assured the then President Ayub Khan of Pakistan during Indo-China war of 1962 that they would help to resolve Kashmir dispute. He said that United Nations had proposed plebiscite but Indian government conducted Kashmir Assembly's elections. "Kashmir is not an internal issue of India and status of an Indian state to the occupied valley cannot be an alternative to the right of self-determination," he asserted. He said he had come to Karachi on one-day visit to appeal all Pakistanis to express solidarity with oppressed people of Kashmir on February 05. He criticised the international community and the United States and the British regimes in particular for not honouring their commitments made to the oppressed Kashmiris. Criticizing the LEA's announcement about the arrest of terrorists allegedly involved in bomb blast in Rawalpindi and Islamabad, Qazi said that three missing persons of Karachi were shown as terrorists and their so-called arrests were declared from Rawalpindi. He said that JI Karachi leader Mohammad Hussain Mehanti had informed him a month ago about the missing of these youths. He urged the security officials and the government to break off ties with the US and pay attention to the oppressed civilians of Swat and FATA.