LAHORE - Former presidential candidate Justice (r) Wajih-ud-Din has expressed the hope that Sharif brothers would not compromise on their eligibility cases in the Supreme Court and will remain committed to the judges' issue. "Sharif brothers would remain with lawyers in their Long March as they did in the past. But the lawyers should be ready for any decision because anything could happen in such cases", said Justice (r) Wajih while addressing the Lahore Bar Association on Monday. He said SC's decision against Sharifs would make no difference rather it would give them political boost. He said he was unable to understand that why the SC was in so hurry to decide Sharifs' case while thousands of other cases had been pending since long. He said when he was chief justice of the Sindh High Court, the then president Ghulam Ishaq had sent a reference against Benazir Bhutto but he did not decide it hastily. He said that long march and sit-in would be a test of lawyers' nerve and stamina, therefore a concrete planning is required to achieve the ultimate goal of Justice Iftikahr Muhammad Chaudry's restoration. "It would be decisive battle between pro-establishment and its anti-forces. Thousands of people would gather at Constitutional Avenue and return home only after the reinstatement of deposed judges", he opined. He said the lawyers' would have to consult political and religious parties and civil society to make the long march successful. He maintained that the restoration of true democracy in the country would remain a distant dream without the reinstatement of November 2 Judiciary. He said the lawyers would have to be highly careful and vigilant regarding mischievous elements that would definitely make an attempt to sabotage the peaceful protest. He said everyone should bear in mind that Musharraf's ouster and holding of election could only be possible due to the lawyers' movement. President LBA Rana Zia Abdur Rehman said that lawyers would stage indefinite sit-in while preparations were underway to transform it into a huge show. Highly charged lawyers shouted full-throated slogans during Wajih's speech. Chief Ke Bahali Tek Dharna Hoga, Dharna Hoga( Sit-in will continue still Chief's restoration) was the most popular chant.