Undoubtedly, a lot has been said and written in the print and electronic media about the surgical attack of the Indian Air Force on the so-called targets of interest. Yet, one should at least question the wisdom behind India's belligerent stand against Pakistan vis--vis its timing and change of strategy in dealing with Pakistan. Whose interest is being served by following a unilateral policy of attacking a sovereign nation in the name of surgical strike? Does India in anyway believe that it can walk away by adopting the policy of the US and Israel against Iraq and Palestine respectively. My word of caution to India would be to 'learn to live peacefully with its neighbours'. India under no circumstances can duplicate what the US has done to Iraq, Afghanistan, and Israel did and continues to do with Palestine. Pakistan is not a cakewalk. If Pakistan at present is showing some flexibility it should not be taken as a sign of weakness. Pakistan is a responsible state and the Pak Army knows how to defend its borders. Having said that if India believes that it can take a unilateral action against any group via surgical strikes, it would be the biggest mistake of the century. India believes that by creating a situation like 9/11 it would automatically qualify to replicate the policy of the US and take unilateral action against any nation. But it should take a word of caution from the US unilateral decision that has started to have an impact on it economically after 8 years whereas it would have an immediate effect on India from day one. Pakistan is a potent force to deal with. No matter what happens in the internal politics of Pakistan, as a nation the citizens of Pakistan have shown great restraint in the face of India's daily threats. The world along with India is watching very closely and trying to paint Pakistanis as war mongers but to their surprise they have found otherwise, thus weakening the augment that Islamic nations are war mongers and extremists. India is the world's largest democracy. Their leaders must avoid behaving like dictators because this would only lead to confusion and advance the agenda of groups that are not interested in peace process in South Asia. The writer is an assistant professor at the Department of Political Science, GCU E-mail: shaziib@yahoo.com