UNITED NATIONS - UN Secretary-general Ban Ki-moon has said the United Nations is ready to support the new Somali government in its efforts for national reconciliation and the establishment of effective security. Ban, in a statement issued by his spokesperson Monday, congratulates the new Somali government on the successful conclusion of the presidential elections, and commended the Somali political leaders for the major step they have taken, through this process, toward national reconciliation. "The United Nations has supported this process and stands ready to help the new government in its efforts toward national reconciliation and the establishment of effective security," the statement said. "The United Nations will provide strong logistical support" for the African Union's peacekeeping force, known as the AMISON Force," and help develop Somali security force," the statement said. "The Security Council will decide in the months ahead, the appropriateness of a UN peacekeeping operation to support the Somali political, economic, and social development," it noted. "The secretary-general urges President Sheikh Sheikh Ahmed and the new government to reach out to all Somali people and parties, including those who are still outside of the Djibouti process," the statement said. "It is important that these efforts should have a tangible effect in improving the security environment for the Somali people and humanitarian actors." Somali parliament elected the new president on Friday in a bid to put an end to the situation that the Horn of Africa nation has no central government since Mohamed Siad Barre was ousted in 1991.