The 1973 constitution of Pakistan is being discussed all over the print and electronic media. As a student of history, I feel this discussion is leading to more and more confusion instead of some sort of national consensus. President Zardari had indicated that the 17th Amendment will be abolished in unanimity with the opposition. Prime Minister Gilani had also assured the nation that the original 1973 constitution will soon be restored. But these commitments regarding restoration by the two top officeholders of the country still not cleared the issue. Evding the 17th Amendment and restoration of the original 1973 constitution are actually two separate issues. The constitution as it stands in its present deformity, practically envisages a presidential system instead of a parliamentary form of government in the country. That is the reason most 'legislation, or shall we call it 'law-making, is being done through executive orders or Presidential ordinances. In such a confused state of constitutional affairs, one may prefer that all amendments made since 1973 in the originally passed constitution are done away with altogether. They were, after all, initiated and enforced by military dictators or vested interests of the dictatorial kind. -ANWAR ZEESHAN SHEIKH, Jhang, February 3