Prime Minister used the metaphor of musical chairs for power the other day on the floor of the house. Waving a hand from left to right, he said that tomorrow the opposition could sit on the right and his party on the left in the house. Elaborating further, he said that he and his party were willing to share power with the elected politicians but not with anyone else. What exactly did he imply by saying 'anyone else? In the wake of present state of near conflict between various organs of the state, the answer shouldnt be too difficult to guess. One earnestly prays to Allah that democracy is not derailed but if things do not improve and the army is ordered by the judiciary to take over or install a Bangladesh style government, would it be imploring or begging the government for 'sharing power? The only way not to let it happen is to deliver good governance. For Gods sake, mend your ways and serve the people with good governance and no one would dare cast an evil eye on democracy in Pakistan, Inshallah -COL (Rtd) RIAZ JAFRI Rawalpindi, January 29.