KARACHI - Sindh Local Government Minister Agha Siraj Khan Durani on Tuesday lashed out at the City District Government Karachi (CDGK), terming its orders to cancel KBCA plan as illegal and interference in the affairs of the provincial government. He claimed the CDGK and other local governments of Sindh were involved in illegal appointments and are issuing tenders, adding the Nazims should go hospitals for their psychological check-up and prepared themselves for next local government elections. Speaking on point of order in Sindh Assembly, the minister expressed his reaction over the announcement of City District Government Karachi in which it has declared illegal all building plans approved by the Karachi Building Control Authority during the past six months. However the minister termed this order as illegal and above its authority. Durrani said that the CDGK has no right to issue such cancellation order of KBCA approvals, adding that the illegal orders of CDGK was creating bed omen for the businessmen who brought their investment in city, and it was not an excuse to cancel the building approval plan of KBCA due to non payment of amount to the CDGK. He assured the businessmen that provincial government was accompanied with the builders and businessmen of city. He criticized over Karachi Nazim, saying that if he (nazim) has any issue he should come to us we will resolve that as we have been resolving his issues in past. 'The KBCA after thorough procedure has approved the buildings designs which could not be questioned by CDGK. We are silent due to reconsolidation policy of President Asif Zardari, he said and declared that we will not take dictation as we never took dictation in past. Later, during question hour session, the Local Government Minister alleged that nazims are incompetent and involved in financial embezzlement in development works. To a query regarding development works carried by district government in Dadu, Agha Siraj Duriani said that district Nazim Dadu is out of country since six months as his father Liaqat Jatoi left the country after PPP came into power. Due to excuse of December 27 incidents after Benazir Bhuttos assassination, the nazims burnt all proofs of their financial corruption and wrongdoings, so the local government department has no proof to take action against them on corruption charges, he said and appealed to the media and other people that if they have any evidence of corruption of nazims should provide him, we will take action against them. To anther question asked by PPPs Nadeem Bhutto, Local Government Minister said that an advertisement for an expression for interest was issued by Planning and Development Department in the national newspapers for the project to be initiated in collaboration with federal government and CDGK. The master plan group of offices of CDGK received the proposals from the potential bidders which were processed in the Land Utilization Department, but the project has not been materialized due to non creation of an exclusive investment unit/authority. Replying to a question regarding Karachi Strategic Plan 2020 of CDGK, Local Government Minister said that this plan was prepared by City District Government Karachi which has not approved by Sindh Government. He said that under the 2020 plan, the city government has proposed number of plans on an area of 39, 069 acres land of Karachi, but it is only in papers as provincial government is sole authority for allotting land to any agency or organization. He declared that fishermen are the real Sindhis and owner of Karachi, adding that no any project of CDGK will affect the old citizens of city. He further said that provincial government has stared number of projects for the rural areas of the Karachi, adding that discrimination should not be done in water facilities as lots of rural areas of Karachi are deprived of drinking water. He said that there are lots of grey areas in present local government system, however best aspects of present system will be adopted in new local government system which to be adopted with the mutual understanding of coalition partners.