ISLAMABAD - Influx of funds for humanitarian assistance in Pakistan has slowed down due to possible deviation on the part of donors from their pledges owing to catastrophe in Haiti amid the persistent problem of under-funding, with which the quake-hit region is currently grappling. United Nations launched humanitarian appeals in Haiti last month urging the donors to step ahead for the redressal of the victims plight, resulting in the loss of over 200,000 lives and adversely affecting 300,000 quake survivors. The humanitarian appeals called for $575 million from the donor countries for the rehabilitation of earthquake victims. UNs funding situation on February 2 (yesterday) indicated that over $133 million out of $575 million (only 23 percent) had been generated for Haiti victims. At least, two-third of the funds is required for immediate provisions of health, shelter, and medical facilities. On the other hand, funding situation for Pakistan Humanitarian Response Plan (PHRP) has remained unchanged at $485 million of $680 million or 71.4 percent, since last year. Much awaited Saudi Arabias $100 million pledge is still pending and there are authentic reports that the legal documentation of the particular pledge is currently reviewed and examined by Saudi authorities, and the timeframe regarding the materialisation of this pledge remains unspecified. Apart from Saudi pledge, only $2m pledges are in store for PHRP, which means that funding scenario is not likely to see a mega boom, not for some time at least, even if these $2m pledges are materialised. United Nations admits that allocation of funds for Haitis cause has slowed down Pakistans humanitarian funding temporarily, but it hopes that the situation would improve after PHRP 2010 is formally launched next week, the government of Pakistan has already approved the said plan for the ongoing year. Arrival of funds has slowed down a bit after Haitis earthquake took place and donors are actively contributing to that cause but we hope that things would start improving after we launch PHRP for this year, next week, Billi Bierling, Public Information Officer, United Nations Office for the Co-ordination of Humanitarian Affairs, (UNOCHA) told TheNation on Tuesday. Right now, they (donors) are waiting for the formal launch of PHRP, it remains to be seen how donors would respond to it but were quite optimistic that humanitarian donations and pledges would start coming after the plan is formally launched, she added. Billi said Pakistan was one of those countries that are given top priority by the UN as far as humanitarian assistance is concerned. Haiti crisis has attracted a lot of attention and it needs instant help but Pakistan could not be kept aside, the UN official said. Last year, Pakistan was the fourth best-funded country in terms of receiving humanitarian aid following Sudan, occupied Palestine and Ethopia. The country ended up with $485m of generated funds in 2009 but influx of funds for this year is yet to take a start. Till date, there are 1 million displaced IDPs from Swat, Malakand Division and South Wazristan, with the specified number of SWA IDPs being 293,000. Out of the displaced lot, 114,000 IDPs are living in camps while others are living with host communities comprising their close relatives, they are not likely to return, as majority of these dwellers is nomadic and itinerant.