ISLAMABAD As Prime Minister, Syed Yousuf Raza Gilani on Tuesday announced reopening of cases that were dropped under much condemned National Reconciliation Ordinance (NRO), Pakistans Ambassador to USA, Hussain Haqqani might appear before the court to face the cases. According to list of the NRO beneficiaries, Chief Ehtesab Commissioner initiated a case against Hussain Haqqani on 17 July, 1997 and an FIR No. 8/9l07 (investigation) was lodged against him. Investigations into the case were terminated under the NRO-2007 on 28-10-2008. After the historic verdict of the Supreme Court that declared NRO as null and void, the Prime Minister announced reopening of 8032 cases that were dropped under the NRO. Earlier, Sohail Hassan Qaiser stated that his client had never sought relief under the NRO in any alleged case. The NAB had never initiated any case against his client, Haqqanis lawyer stated. Three fabricated cases were filed against Haqqani, however, he was later released on a bail by the Lahore High Court after 79 days detention, Qaiser told media after the list of beneficiaries was made public. Defending his client, Qaiser said that an FIR filed against Haqqani in one of the cases was quashed by the Sindh High Court, whereas the other case was dropped by an investigation agency due to lack of evidences. Qaiser maintained that the third case that allegedly is in the list of cases dropped after issuance of the NRO had never reached at stage of the prosecution during the last 10 years as far as Haqqani and his lawyers knew. Therefore, it is out of question that Haqqani had requested for any relief under the NRO, he added.