A controversy has been going on in Punjab for the last couple of weeks over provincial law minister Rana Sanaullahs high-rise plaza that has somehow evaded the demolition campaign despite being built in violation of the standard procedures, rules and regulations. Obviously, the minister has managed this because of his status and clout in the province. Reports have also appeared in the media that during last session of the Punjab Assembly, some of his partymen lashed out at the media for what they termed at creation of unnecessary hype over the issue. May one remind the minister of the golden ethics and moral principles about which he used to wax eloquent while talking down to the NRO beneficiaries? Is this the good governance and rule of law for all in the province that he and his boss never tire of propagating? Are there different rules and regulations for ministers and ordinary people? If the minister is innocent and has committed nothing wrong, he must come up with the proofs to put an end to this controversy. Otherwise, he must consider the option of resignation because the nation does not need such fraudsters in assemblies and cabinets. The Chief Minister must also take notice of this discriminatory omission of his administration that has caused such an uproar in the last couple of weeks. He must also come up with a clear-cut policy whether he wants to serve the interests of his ministers or the poor and downtrodden of the province. -AAMIR SAEED, Islamabad, February 2