ISLAMABAD (APP) - Prime Minister Syed Yousuf Raza Gilani on Tuesday giving strong assurance about the safety of Pakistans nuclear assets said the country would uphold its integrity at all costs and resist external interference. There should be no doubt about the safety of our nuclear assets, the Prime Minister said while addressing a seminar on 'Our Goal, Peaceful Pakistan organised by a group of newspapers here at National Library. The Prime Minister said the countrys defence was in strong hands and it would continue to strive for stability in the region. He said it was a time to prudently take decisions, rather than making wrong ones in haste. We want to resolve issues on the negotiating table rather than decide these on the battle ground, Gilani said and vowed to shed the last drop of blood for the country. He said a peaceful Pakistan was the desire of every citizen, which was also dreamt by Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah, Allama Iqbal and Mohtarma Benazir Bhutto. He stressed the need for all institutions to work in accordance with democratic norms to achieve progress and prosperity of the country, and added that Islams golden principles were a beacon to be followed. He appreciated holding of seminar on a meaningful subject as discussion on the issue of peace was much required at the moment. He said raising objection to others opinion is the beauty of democracy, however it should not get personal and must exhibit ethics of tolerance, decency and mutual respect. He said the government with its actions proved that politics was a trust to the nation and also a tool to address vital issues of national interest. He said a new political culture has been introduced. Politics for us is a way to serve the masses, he added. Gilani said the government wanted to resolve all issues with reconciliation rather than confrontation with stakeholders, and added that it would not shy away whenever sacrifice is required by the country. He mentioned the governments efforts of maintaining good relations with opposition, judiciary and media; introducing new policies, providing subsidies to common man on essential commodities, ensuring rehabilitation of displaced persons, and introducing development projects including Benazir Bhutto Income Support Program and Benazir Employees Stock Option Scheme. Gilani said it was the prudent policy of the government in fighting extremism and terrorism that now the United States of America wanted to have a strategic partnership with it instead of urging it to do more. He said the government highlighted Kashmir issue at international level, which compelled the United States for greater strategic cooperation instead of forcing for 'do more policy.