LAHORE - Chances to unify various factions of the Muslim Leagues are bright before the next general elections and next polls would be contested between PPP and Muslim League, predicts Humayun Akhtar Khan, Secretary General of PML-Q (Like-Minded Group). Humayun Akhtar Khan expressed these views while talking to a forum held under the auspices of The Nation, Nawa-i-Waqt and Waqt News at Aiwan-i-Waqt on Tuesday. He also called on Majid Nizami Chairman Nawa-i-Waqt Group and Editor-in-Chief The Nation. PML-Q (like-minded group) leader remarked that the midterm polls are likely to be held in 2011 and divisions in Muslim League would benefit the PPP. If the PML-N and PPP could forge an alliance then there was no reason that PML-N, PML-Q (like-minded) Chaudries led-PML-Q, PML (Functional) could not be unified, observed Humayun Akhtar. He said their faction of PML-Q would fully participate in the upcoming local bodies polls as it has started a mass contact drive to organise the structure of their group countrywide. He said their faction has good roots in Sindh and NWFP and several political bigwigs of Punjab were in contact with them. Like-minded leader said he was not in contact with Pervez Musharraf for a long time and any leader of their faction who met Musharraf, did so in personal capacity, stated Humayun Akhtar. Regarding Musharrafs departure from country under a deal and his role in Pakistani politics if he returns, he said he did not aware of any deal and it would be sole decision of Pervez Musharraf whether he wanted to take part in politics or not on his return to the country. About the conduct of President Asif Zardari regarding NRO, like-minded leader said Asif Zardari was not only the President of Pakistan but also Co-Chairman of PPP and only Zardari could take the decision to obey the order of the Supreme Court of Pakistan regarding NRO. He said Pakistans well-wisher politicians did not need any card, as playing politics of cards would damage the interests of the country. Commenting on the national posture of MQM, he said MQM should be given an opportunity to work in Punjab like the other parts of the country. He said that like-minded wanted to solve the problems facing the country that include to address the grievances of the annoyed Balochs, amendments in the constitution that help to strengthen the country, water and energy crises and Kashmir issue. He said PML-Q (like-minded) would soon come up with tangible proposals for resolving the said issues facing the country and they would also consult other political parties in this regard. Commenting on the performance of the government, like-minded leader said the incumbent government facing serious governance crisis and lack of direction. He said the people of Pakistan would not vote for the incumbent rulers in the next general elections. Humayun Akhtar said era of 2002-07 was far better than the performance of the sitting government, as the said era achieved seven percent growth rate, as the rate of growth in the current set up was minus eight percent. Humayun Akhtar said the Pakistani economy was in its worst crisis and Indias economy was progressing by leaps and bounds.