LAHORE The Opposition in the Punjab Assembly Tuesday made a futile effort at getting themselves excluded from an in-House enquiry committee, and the failed-drive was to kill two birds with one stone save its skin from criticism by the PML-N for having got nothing illegal from Law Ministers plaza, and keeping the room available for criticism, and secondly, avoid any such situation where the opponents could ask for an enquiry committee of the same nature into their 'affairs. The leading members of the PML-Q argued to the best of their abilities to have an escape from the committee for probing Law Minister Rana Sana Ullahs plaza comprising the Opposition members only, headed by their leader Ch Zaheer-ud-Din. However, the Treasury benches, including the PPP, did not let this happen, and later, two Treasury members were included as well. Earlier on the last Monday, Deputy Speaker Rana Mashhood Ahmed Khan had ordered nomination of the three-member committee, while chairing the House proceedings. Oppositions Sardar Mohsin Khan Leghari, on a point of order, opined that there was no need for forming another committee as already three committees were probing the matter. He enumerated that a judicial commission was already working on illegal plazas; one was Chief Ministers committee comprising PPP and PML-N members and the third one was a technical committee. I am unable to comprehend the need for these committees for probing an issue. I find no reason for the fourth one, he said, while adding that on Monday, he was not in the House, but his name was included. He also requested the Chair for removing him from the committee. Leghari also objected to Opposition Leaders inclusion since, to him, Both the Leader of the House and the Opposition Leader are equal in the stature considering the fact that the Opposition leader is next to the Leader of the House. While quoting Sardar Zulfiqar Ali Khan Khosa 'following the principles of justice Leghari quizzed. Whither the principle of justice when delegations of the Assembly being sent abroad sans taking the Opposition into confidence? Ch Zaheer observed that Khosa had already said the CM had formed a committee. He also mentioned that he was not in the House when the committee was formed. I have full confidence in committees constituted so far. Secondly, I have no desire for becoming part of the committee since Rana Sana had levelled allegations against me about a transport station. Under these circumstances, my observations and recommendations, as chairman of the committee, may not be objective, he observed. However, the Treasurys leading members Khosa, Senior Minister Raja Riaz Ahmed, Rana Sana, Qasim Zia, Rana Afzal and Khalil Tahir Sandhu, wanted the Opposition members to stay in the committee, while asserting that they had confidence in the Opposition and its findings. The Opposition is avoiding the committee to have a room for criticism, and later observe that the findings of other committees are lopsided, they opined. Khosa maintained that the formation of the committee was based on the principles of justice. Raja Riaz observed that the committee should remain intact, while the Opposition wanted to have a room for criticism. Rana Sana averred that as the matter was raised on the floor of the House, and by Opposition; hence the Opposition must remain part of the committee. He assured the House that he had full confidence in the committee. Qasim Zia supported the idea by saying that it was a matter of the House; therefore the committee should stay intact. However after the consensus of the House, the Speaker ordered for including MPAs PPPs Syed Nazim Hussain Shah and PML-Ns Waris Kahloon in the committee, while not allowing the Opposition members from excluding themselves.