ITS never easy to say sorry. But it seems there is a way to ensure you wont have to utter it twice. Researchers have found the secret of getting your regret across is to direct it at someones right ear. A study showed that when were furious, this ear becomes more receptive to sound. Therefore, they claim, to calm someone down it makes sense to target your apology appropriately. The finding fits with the right side of the body being controlled by the left side of the brain - the part we use when were cross. To study what happens when we get angry, the researchers made 30 young men work themselves up into a fury by reading a folder of hostile statements. As they became more outraged, their heart rate and blood pressure went up, as did levels of the male sex hormone testosterone. The University of Valencia researchers carried out hearing tests on both left and right ears before and after giving the men the 'anger folders. The right ears ability to pick up sounds increased significantly when the men were angry but there was no change in the left ear, the journal Hormones and Behavior reports. It is thought this is because the left side of the brain processes sounds that come in through the right ear. If anger activates it, noise from the right, but not the left, will be heard more keenly. Previous research has shown that if you want to persuade someone to do something, you should also speak in their right ear. When Italian researchers asked almost 200 nightclubbers for a cigarette, they found the smokers were almost twice as likely to comply when the request was directed to their right ear. DM Other research has shown that the left ear may be best for salesmen. In a British study, sales teams used one of three headsets - left, right, both ears - for a days selling of insurance by telephone. Those who wore the headset on their left ear outsold the others. Exactly why is not clear, but one theory is that sale staff who opt to use their right ear may be more likely to use logic for selling, while those who use the left may have a more intuitive and responsive relationship with clients It is not just ears that are affected by the brains criss-cross method of controlling the body. Studies show that right foot is more sensitive to tickling, than the left, the left cheek the more favourable one to kiss, and the left side is the favoured one for holding babies. -DM