The Pakistan cricket team’s rise to the position of world beaters is miraculous. Although our team’s magnificent win over England in the 1st Test startled the cricket world, the glorious victory in the 2nd Test that ditched the whole of England in the sea of gloom and despair, will find special coverage in the annals of Pakistan’s cricket history. It is so because the victory suddenly appeared from the sky against the hopes of the whole Pakistan nation.

By scoring 327 runs in the 1st innings England faced our spinners quite well and could not think of a disaster in the second. Similarly Pakistan’s batting performance in both innings being below par, a tiny victory target of 145 runs was in no way unachievable by England, the present day world champions. The cricket lovers in Pakistan were thus awfully disappointed with the situation. Fearing a defeat millions of cricket fans are said to have shut down their televisions. According to a maxim ‘luck always favors the brave’ it was the determination and boldness of the spinners Abdur Rahman (6 for 25) and Saeed Ajmal (3 for 22) which bundled a strong English batting line for a mere 72 runs, honoring Pakistan with a glorious victory. Bravo Pakistan team and keep it up to end the series with a clean sweep, to delight the nation and to raise our international cricket ranking.


Lahore, January 31.