Even the dead ones are not safe in our country. Not long ago, a man was caught by the local people who had dug and desecrated the corpses of as many as 48 women in the graveyard of Paposhnager in Karachi. We only know that the said culprit who had committed such a loathsome act was handed over to the police. What punishment has been meted out to him is obscure and whether he was indicted by any court is also not known. No doubt, justice delayed is justice denied but I think delay in justice also serves as an impetus for others to commit the same crime. Of late, yet another repulsive incident of digging graves of several children has surfaced in Multan. Some people opine that only a psychopath can do such an act but in my humble opinion these are the organised groups that are committing such sinister acts. They dig the graves and harvest the body part and bones from the corpses that are used to prepare certain medicines. Unequivocally, the law is very weak as for as desecrating of a dead body is concerned as it imparts only a year's imprisonment. The law in this respect should be stern and strict and there must be expediency in administering brisk justice. Why there should not be death penalty for anyone who desecrats a dead body?


Wah Cantt, January 31.