These days PPP stalwarts are targeting unfairly CM Punjab for deaths due to faulty or expired medicines supplied by dubious dealers. The CM Punjab has been trying his level best to run affairs of 100 million people of Pakistan but he is not an angel but a human being who in spite his best efforts to run the affairs honestly and efficiently is blamed by vested interests. How can he be held responsible for dishonesty of some suppliers of medicines when he personally cannot humanly ensure that nobody plays dirty. His record of rehabilitating kidney centres for poor masses and in setting up of model schools for poor masses are not small matters to be ignored by his fault finders. Unfortunately, when the top man of the country is known for mega scams how can we ensure that every person in Punjab would work honestly. There is a climate of corruption and poor CM has tried his level best to set the matters right. How about Rs. 10 billion scam in Sindh education department about ghost teachers which is not highlighted by PPP Leaders?


Lahore, February 1.