It pained me to hear agony and cries of an old mother whose three sons were in illegal confinement of our sensitive agencies and the body of one of her sons handed over to family with marks of torture. What makes this more repulsive are arguments put forward by their lawyer while addressing the press and giving example of Guantanamo Bay prison. For information of gentleman, not a single white American is confined within Gitmo, including the white American Taliban caught from Afghanistan by their own troops. All Pakistani citizens who are in confinement should be tried by the judiciary and the families informed. People of Pakistan condemn the barbarities and atrocities committed by Indian occupation army in Occupied Kashmir, where citizens are picked up and held in confinement without any judicial process under special powers of Indian Army Act.

The biggest threat to national security is widening wedge between institutions of state assigned to secure not just our geographical borders but lives and honor of our people and the citizens of this country. A nation exists only because of the people that inhabit a territory. All institutions of the state exist and are paid for by taxpayer, so that they serve people, protect their lives, property, honor, freedom of expression and right to equal opportunities as guaranteed by the constitution and the very purpose for carving out a separate homeland for Muslim majority by our founding fathers. It is time that the security services of Pakistan understand the importance of common bonds of love and respect between the people and the security services. This nation loves and honors our valiant shaheeds like Aziz Bhatti, Shabbir Sharif etc, but despises military adventurers like Ayub, Yahya, Zia and Musharraf. It is not an army that forms a nation, for had that been the case, Soviet Union would not have collapsed from within. The Pakistani security establishment has to reorient their mindset to bring it in conformity to their role as guardians of a free democratic sovereign state and break away from whatever is the legacy of their role as tools of British Indian Army tasked to subjugate the local population and prolong occupation by British colonial power. Pakistan was not created so that GORs and Cantonments would become islands of prosperity surrounded by a sea of humanity living in poverty, denial and fear for their lives and property. The armed forces must for sake of Pakistan understand that their primary task is to protect the lives of people and not few usurpers of security establishment, who have violated the constitution. The army should never have had any role in missing person saga, or handing them over to foreign troops without any due judicial process.


Lahore, February 1.