Ahle Sunnat Wal Jamaat Punjab President Maulana Ashraf Tahir on Sunday demanded enforcement of the governing system of Islamic Caliphs in Pakistan and pledged to continue struggle for this purpose.

Addressing a press conference at the Press Club here, he said that ASWJ was a purely religious party and against sectarianism. He added that a large number of ASWJ leaders had been killed recently while the law-enforcement agencies had failed to nab their murderers.

He demanded that the government should bring the culprits to book immediately. He complained that the followers of some sects were allowed to hold protests over weeks and months and they were also provided with security by the agencies and asked the government not to allow them protests. He demanded national holidays on the birth anniversaries of the four caliphs of Islam.

He alleged that Iran was fanning terrorism in Pakistan by providing weapons and other material for anti-Pakistan elements who what he said targeted ASWJ leaders. He said that recently, a truck full of Iranian weapons was caught in Karachi by police and it was confirmed by Raja Umar Khitab, in-charge of Crime Investigation Department’s Counter Terrorism and Financial Crime Unit. To a question, he said that to control sectarian violence, all religious sects should be forced to hold events inside their worship places and use of loudspeakers be banned. He further said abuses should not be hurled at leaders of any sect. He supported the government for opening peace dialogues with Taliban’s and prayed for their success.