ELLAH ABAD - The banditry has become order of the day in Ellahabad as three such incidents took place in one night in which dacoits looted cash, cellphones and other valuables.

As per details, five armed dacoits snatched cash and cellphone from a man near vegetable market on Chunian Road. Iftikhar Ali Kashi, a resident of Kot Mewati and brother of local journalist was on the way back home on a bike when five armed bandits intercepted him near vegetable and fruit market. The accused looted Rs10,000, three cellphones and computer hard disk from him. Later they bound him head and foot and threw in a field. They also tortured him and fled away from the scene. Shortly before the incident a person tried to inform the police about the criminals but police did not attend the phone. After the incident the police reached the scene. In another incident, unidentified burglar entered a shop owned by Malik Saqlain (Master Spray centre) at Tulwandi Ada, some 7-km away from here, after breaking the lock, and stole Rs150,000 and 25 bags of seed worth Rs180,000.

 Similarly another such incident occurred in same place where unidentified burglars stormed into Madni spray centre and stole took away Rs6,000.

On the other hand, despite tall claims of the police high-ups regarding security of the life and property of the masses, the police have failed to reign in robbers.