According to press reports, Punjab Government has moved the federal government to amend the constitution to allow dual nationals to become MPs. This move is likely to be supported by most of the other parties as a number of their MPs are foreign nationals. Even if they themselves are not foreign nationals, the children of large number of politicians, bureaucrats and senior armed forces officers are foreign nationals. This step is in effect, a move to open the doors for the offsprings of our political leaders, who mostly live abroad, to get elected, plunder the wealth and transfer it to their foreign homes. If things get rough, they will quietly slip to the safety of their foreign abode. This step would suit the foreign countries as they can blackmail them and knowing our character, these MPs would not hesitate to compromise Pakistan’s national interests to safeguard their foreign nationality.

Surrendering of nationality is also a farce as those who claim to have surrendered nationality, continue to enjoy all the privileges and remain bound by the laws of their foreign home. Surrendering nationality should only be accepted, if the individual transfers all his wealth and business to Pakistan so that he has stakes in its progress and prosperity. This loophole in our law has been deliberately provided by colonial masters to benefit financially and diplomatically through blackmail of corrupt rulers of third world countries. In case the constitution is amended, time is not far when we will have foreign nationals, including from India, on all our constitutional appointments including armed forces chiefs.


Islamabad, January 29.