Assistant Prof Ajmal Hussain

The vacuum of sectarian violence is contentiously penetrating in almost all over the Muslim nations. Today, Syria, Iraq, Egypt, Bahrain, Lebanon are the major victims of this fatal crime. This prevalent ‘divide and rule’ strategy imposed by “Secret Society” has claimed so many innocent lives across Muslim nations.

The brutal phenomenon is rapidly bouncing back in Pakistan and people of Gilgit Baltistan have also been battered by this irredeemable dilemma. According to South Asian Tourism Portal (SATP) almost 8,000 innocent people have been died in sectarian violence so far.

The region Gilgit-Baltistan, which is supposed to be hub of Foreign Direct Investment because of its strategic location, has now become quagmire and risky region on the stump of investors. As a result of this, GB is stepping back instead of moving ahead towards prosperity and development.

The region which is ideologically situated for trade and commerce is caught up with hatred and hypocrite dimensions. As we witness, heterogeneous events are taking place in every short span of time but never occurs peaceful initiatives which could change the fragmented behavior of an individual that consequently lead to the inauguration of common frame-ground for the wealth of whole society. Government and local NGOs claim for doing enough work on its rehabilitation but that too is away from practical tones so far. If peace initiatives are already organized then why outcomes are not substantial? Why something practical is not yet implemented? What are those barriers which do not permit any individual to divert his mind into common goals and objectives? What are those concrete steps which are essential to cope with uncertainty? How fragmented behavior of a person would replace by common ambitions?

To understand this disorderedly human dilemma of the region, one should concede how behavioral traits emerge. There are three categories in which a personality traits shape up; family, society and academic disciplines. These elements integrate person’s personality and allow him to behave with rest of the society. The various particles of these elements including cultural values, attitude, emotions, ethics, authority, rapport, motivation, perception hypnosis and persuasion are the key factors need to be molded and adapted in the region so to make it a comfort living-zone. The problem lies within the disorders of these behavioral particles.

The emotional and economic collapses of the people who have lost their dears still await for impartiality and justice; this is another debate which will be highlighted in my upcoming article Inshallah. Meanwhile the fundamental problem of the region is tolerance and acceptance. A driving force of motivational campaign carries from one person to another person and its impacts on behavior traits are obligatory to be figured out before making any counter Strategy. One of the noticeable changes in our social environment is the negative influence of word of mouth and mass media including role of social media. In fact mobile is also one of the main sources which escalate violent strife very hastily. No one opposes its importance as its use is inevitable in the age of current era. Researchers identified that “significant proportion of aggressive children are likely to grow up to be aggressive adults”. If situation has not tackled in this stage then consequences of this deadly crime will call forth chaos and annihilation to the next generation.

This is very easy to talk fair whilst sitting with assorted group of people but is it possible to create a sort of environment where a person can speak out truth in sitting with his own community? Well this needs sustainable commitment along with proper behavioral change which should be focus on intrinsic values of the person and replacing traits of common elements that make up the personality. The current violent and destructive behavior has deepened its root over the mind and attitude of an individual. Changing systematic violent behavior is not a dream of months or years but has become an eternal need of the inhabitants of the universe.

In order to tackle this fragmented behavior, we need to address forbearance, self-control, tolerance and acceptance to all segments of society. Moreover, creating events and peace campaigns across all parts (Muhallah) of the city, a formal collaboration effort between people of various ages from all parties could help a lot in this regard. In addition empower the local Government with all major technical tools as well as fair judicial inquiries along with the coordination of all religious leaders are fundamental initiatives to overcome this strife issue.