NEW JERSEY -Friday was an eventful day for Justin Bieber, as his private jet was searched by police and he was questioned for five hours at the Teterboro airport in New Jersey, (authorities discovered his plane to have ‘smelled of pot’), before the 19-year-old singer flipped the bird inside the Maxim Super Bowl party in New York City.

And on Saturday, an explicit photograph was published by TMZ, showing Bieber and his rapper pal Kalil Sharieff each sucking on the breast of a ‘stripper who was hired to perform for Justin and his pals during a party at an Los Angeles recording studio’. The photograph shows the woman - who sourced told the website looked ‘old enough to be Justin’s mother’ - with her top pushed up in order to expose her chest, and the two young stars with their eyes closed as they got up close and personal with her.

It’s a shockingly graphic picture which shows how far Justin has strayed from his once clean-cut image. Followers of Bieber’s recent headline making antics won’t be surprised that Khalil was involved in his latest drama, as the young rapper was also with Justin during his recent arrest for alleged drag racing and DUI in Miami.

Meanwhile, the Baby singer displayed some very non-gentleman-like behaviour at the party on Friday when he made an obscene gesture inside the fete’s venue Espace, which was filled with models and athletes. He arrived around 2am, according to TMZ, and was surrounded by security, making it clear he didn’t want to be bothered.

Before hitting the Maxim soiree, the Love Me singer was mobbed by young female fans as he got out of a car in Manhattan. He even let one young lady give him a kiss on the cheek, much more innocent than his behaviour with the ‘stripper’ on Saturday. The performer was dressed casually in a white T-shirt which showed off his new cross tattoo along with a hat on backwards and a green  jacket.

It is not known if he drank any Patron Tequila, which was one of the sponsors for the event. All of this comes on the heels of a string of headline making problems with the law. In the month of January alone, he was accused of egging a neighbour’s house in his expensive Calabasas, California community.

His house was raided by sheriffs which resulted in the arrest of his friend Lil Za who has been slapped with three felony charges.

In late January, Bieber was arrested in Miami, Florida for a DUI, resisting arrest and having an expired driver’s license after participating in a drag race with Khalil. He pleaded not guilty and was found to have Xanax and marijuana in his system.

Just days later the Beauty And A Beat singer was arrested in Toronto for allegedly hitting a limousine driver in December. His manager Scooter Braun, mentor Usher and mother Pattie Mallette flew to Panama, where the star was shooting a music video, just days after his arrest to urge him to visit rehab. Instead of doing that he faced the law in Canada.

The Believe star showed up in New York City on Friday ahead of the Superbowl game on Sunday. It is believed he is still with his father Jeremy, aged 38, who last week tweeted a photo of his son, shirtless and in bed with a young boy. The photo was captioned, ‘Safe and sound.’ Later Justin tweeted that he had ‘the greatest dad in the world.’