PESHAWAR - Chief Minister Pervez Khattak has said that his government welcomes the five-member committee of Taliban as like the committee formed by the federal government. “We will appreciate and support every step towards peace. It is our desire and try to bring peace back to country and this is only possible through negotiations,” he maintained.

He was talking to the media at Nowshera prior to leaving for Islamabad on Sunday. The chief minister said that his party Chief Imran Khan has summoned an important meeting of the core committee in Islamabad that would discuss and make important decisions on political scenario of the country, including the Taliban’s nominated dialogue committee.

He said that we had detailed meeting with the JUI (S) Head Mulana Samiul Haq wherein all important matters were taken into stock on the prevalent national issues, including dialogue with Taliban. He said that the provincial government has fulfilled another promise with the people by launching ‘Sehat Ka Insaf’ programme.

He deplored that opposition was making hue and cry just for nothing. “Our opponents must also tell the people about their own-selves as all records of corruption were broken in their reign,” he said, adding that it was the reason the people rejected them and would again throw out them in future elections too because of their self interest politics.

Pervez Khattak said that role of Maulana Samiul Haq was of paramount importance for peace and that was why he made a close contact with his Darul Aloom Haqania from the very first day. He said that his party head Imran Khan also began peace efforts from this religious seminary. He said that the country was passing through critical juncture of its history. “It is not a time for point scoring or politicking. All must have to play role for peace. PTI always struggled for harmony in the country and our party head Imran Khan’s role in this regard is crystal clear”, he recalled.

About nomination of Imran Khan for the dialogue committee of Taliban, Pervez Khattak said that Imran Khan has summoned the core committee in Islamabad today (Sunday) wherein in-depth consultation would be made in this respect. “All important national issues in his party are decided by core committee. I have welcomed both the dialogue committees because the volcano of terror has been erupted in my province and Pakhtuns are the worst affected,” he maintained.

The chief minister said that issues were always resolved through table talks and ever never decided in wars. “We have this stance from day one. Role of his party and his govt is known to all about US drone strikes and NATO supply,” he again recalled. About performance of his government, he said that he was strictly implementing election manifesto of his party and all promises made with the people were being realized one after another.

He said that people were politically conscious enough and would never heed to the negative propaganda of our political opponents. He said the people had a nice memory and knew well what happened in the past regimes. He said that there were only 7 months passed to our govt.

He said that polio was not only our issue but people were then seeing that PTI led provincial govt took practical steps for eradication of polio.

He said that PTI Chairman Imran Khan led the Anti-Polio drive and one must tell us who in the past gave such an high importance to this fatal disease.

Pervez Khattak said that ‘Sehat Ka Insaf’ was launched by Imran Khan to tell the people to support the provincial govt on this national issue while the PTI volunteers were also extending full support to the official staff on Anti-Polio campaign so that all children could be given rid of nine chronic diseases in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.

He said that people knew that corruption, commission, loot and nepotism were coins of the day while postings and transfers were openly auctioned in the past regimes. “My govt is pursuing the policy of merit, transparency and justice while the people are realizing and feeling this change and telling us about it as well,” he contended and asserted that the menaces of corruption and commission have been considerably reduced though did not eliminated that were rampant in the past.

He said that his government would give such a system to the people during five years tenure wherein a single person, how much influential he might be, could not even think about corruption, commission or loot of the public exchequer in future.

He said that he was bringing about drastic changes in the system and chalking out comprehensive policies.

“All the departments, including health and education are being made public welfare-oriented with legal cover involving punishments on failing to service delivery. We have abandoned the practice of adhocism and promulgating ordinances on every issue whereas provincial assembly is being moved for legislation on every issue to ensure intelligibility and give a bright future to the people of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa,” he added.

He expressed with rejoice that popularity of PTI was increasing with every passing day and our rejected opponents would be snubbed again and again in future as well. “The opposition had nothing to give to the masses except their sky touching hallow slogans and lip service to please the people for the time being,” he concluded.