Pakistan’s auto sector seems to be reeling from the aftershocks of inconsistent policies implemented by policy makers over the years. While the industry has several production units and assembly plants, it is still not working at optimum capacity simply because demand is low. This is because customers have an option to buy reconditioned vehicles imported from foreign markets to Pakistan. The latter is an attractive option to most customers who often fail to realise that these vehicles come with no guarantees or after sales services.

All this has been detrimental to the growth of local auto manufacturers who now have to contend multiple issues namely, the reduced sales volume and loss in revenue. It is time policy makers took stock of the situation and devise policies that protect the local industry so that it can prosper (instead of regress) along with keeping a strict check on the import of vehicles. All over the world, countries that have a booming auto sector have managed to achieve that by curbing imports and encouraging local manufacturers to work at full capacity. Pakistan is perhaps the only country in the world that is doing the exact opposite. Isn’t it time our policy makers showed far sightedness by working for the betterment of the manufacturing sector which creates more jobs for our increasing population which is becoming a critical issue for our government and national security as well as unemployed people become easy target for entities with ulterior motives.


Karachi, January 31.