ISLAMABAD  - Pakistan Squash Federation (PSF) senior vice president Air Vice Marshal Syed Razi Nawab along with PSF vice president Qamar Zaman met PSA Board of Directors in Queen's Club London with a mandate to revive international squash in Pakistan.

After a yearlong efforts to convince PSA board to review their decisions of restricting Pakistan to 4 $10,000 prize money tournaments and barring international players to feature in PSA tournaments held in Pakistan, the PSF got first success six months back when PSA increased the prize money of PSA tournaments in Pakistan to two $15,000 and two $ 10,000 events. The PSF continues to fight for the rightful place in the world of squash and pursued their claim of having international squash in Pakistan to its justified share. Razi Nawab gave a comprehensive presentation to the PSA board, which lasted for 2 hours. Interestingly Pakistani delegation was allocated only 15 minutes to present their case, but forceful arguments forced the PSA to prolong the meeting to marathon two hours.

All members of PSA board pinned their ears back to the viewpoint of Pakistan. They were adequately assured by Razi of their apprehensions about security scenario in Pakistan telling them of recently successfully organised 17th Asian Championship and Asian Masters in Islamabad and Lahore, subsequently. Razi told PSA board that Pakistan had been deprived of its due share of PSA tournaments over last 4 years and despite having 11% of world PSA players, Pakistan was given less than 1% of PSA tournaments per year, which had deleterious effects on Pakistan squash.  It was further apprised that due to lack of international squash in Pakistan a whole generation of players have been wasted which speaks volumes of the fact that it is not the skill but lack of international squash in Pakistan, which had hindered the progress of Pakistan squash.

PSA board realized the concern and assured of their deliberations on the Pakistani viewpoint and would convey their decision accordingly. Razi offered PSA board members to visit Pakistan and see how well Pakistan deserved to organise PSA tournaments of big scale like they had been doing in past. Razi endeavoured in his presentation to clear the myths about Pakistan and displayed the real and vibrant image of Pakistan. Razi was thankful to the PSA board for listening to Pakistan's viewpoint patiently and for their assurance to deliberate and let Pakistan know of its fate.

The most encouraging part of delegation's visit has been the support of Pakistani descent Squash enthusiasts in UK like Yaseen Khan, Hidday Jehan, Zubair Jehan and Yawar. Programmess to promote squash back home discussed with the compatriots in details. Razi also met WSA members and discussed issued of promotion of women squash in Pakistan. This three-day visit of Razi and Zaman to London is expected to prove a landmark and turning point in the history of Pakistan Squash and would bring the glorious days of yester years back.

While sharing his views exclusively with The Nation on Sunday Razi said: “I am very confident that the meeting was more successful then I first thought. The PSA looked quite convinced with the arguments. I had offered them red box security and I am sure they would not disappoint us and would take back that negative instructions given to players and Pakistan would soon organise international squash with top level players would be seen in action alongside our top players.”

Meanwhile talking to this correspondent Col (R) Inam, vice president POF Sports Control Board, welcomed fruitful talks between the PSF delegation and the PSA and offered the POF premises, which are completely safe for all kinds of sporting activities and had the world class courts named after legendary Jahangir Khan. “POF Chairman Lt Gen M Ahsan Mehmood HI (M) had time and again reiterated his desire to help out Pakistan Squash and offered to host events at the POF courts. We are looking forward for a favourable response from the PSA and would hold meeting with the PSF to discuss the organising of international events at POF,” Col Inam concluded.